Work with your cycle to grow your business

Use your menstrual cycle and hormones to get more of the right things done and create results with flow and ease.

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A Quick Start Guide:
Align Your Goals to Your Cycle

Grab the FREE guide that teaches you the phases of your cycle and how to work best in each phase.

what you need to know

Your cycle can supercharge your work & business.

Know and use it wisely – so it works for you, not against you.

Do you feel like your energy, focus, and motivation seem to change every week?

Maybe you can only sustain an intense, fast paced schedule for a short time before it just feels… awful.

Maybe you are tempted to let it all go, so you don’t have to push when your mind and body tell you to rest.  

Or maybe you keep and end up feeling… exhausted at the end of the day.  

Like you don’t have an ounce of energy or attention left to give your health, family, or home.  

You feel defeated and wonder if the sacrifice is worth it.

There is a better way to work.

the aligned cycle

Use your menstrual cycle and unique rhythms to thrive.

Align your work to your cycle to support both your design and your dreams.

I help you tune-in to your body and patterns, so you can get more done and enjoy better, sustainable business results with flow, ease, and room for rest.

You bring the dream, and I bring the expertise and strategy, to create the best business for you – your body, your life, your goals.

Ready to get your hormones working for you?

the coach

i’m megan. cycle & productivity strategist.

After years working with women to understand their bodies and chart their cycles, I stumbled into a whole new way of using my cycle.

I began using my hormonal waves to guide my work and schedule, so that I could grow my business with ease and flow.

It was a game changer.